Some people have me in their lives as a good spiritual/physical giver. I have these people in my life who are physically blessing me as a servant of God too. Wish I could mention some names….my financial helpers. But be this as it may one thing I have learnt over the years is to be more concerned about them than the gifts they give to me because relationship matters to me. Like Bishop TD Jakes taught the giver is better than the gift.
Never throw away a good giver or treat the gift better than the giver because you’re more interested in the gift. Gifts are used but givers are to be appreciated and retained and you’ll keep needing both. It’s good therefore to note that good givers are better than their gifts.




Looking at the world today most powerful politicians in majorly Christian nations gain financial support from Islamic fundamentalists, and Muslim governments.

The terrorists kill under Islamic pride. Christians are killed every now and then and governments of Christian nations especially in ‘western’ world don’t really do much via policies to protect Christians. Instead policies are being made to protect the religion under which certain people perpetrate evil ie killing innocent people. Only a handful of Christian leaders around the globe are actually concerned about protecting Christians. Yet they are most hated even by their own people for being aggressive against radical Islam. ISLAM IS A SUBTLE ENEMY LIKE THE SERPENT.

In time past over 85℅ of the world’s teachers of islam were not allowed to know the real deep negative laws hidden in islam because their leaders know most of these laws are evil. When they noticed Christianity began to thrive more than Islam jealousy set in then they began to unveil these radical teachings to especially those they are aware cannot manage it, giving them the impression the world belongs to Islam hence birthing the untold violence and hateful killings we witness today. That was their intention.

Christian political office holders should be held responsible for giving Islamists the upper hand. Christian political office holders should be stopped from selling Christians and Christian nations out to other religions including Islam. The Bible says if the time is not shortened even THE VERY ELECT (Chosen, in other words the Christian) will be deceived…..Matt 24:24. How? Through Christian spiritual leaders and political office holders. The Pope is today preaching a different gospel and many are being deceived….Mk 13:22….telling Christians they serve same God as Islam, that Israel should give up her inheritance to Palestine (Muslims), that Christians and Muslims can fellowship in same building etc. Now Christian political office holders in Christian nations are stylishly joining hands with the subtle Islamic scholars who believe in radical Islam to put Christians in bonds, making policies and laws that are Islamic friendly yet, it’s the Christians who are under attack.
What they seek is what is not permitted in Islamic nations to favour Christians. 

Islamic governments all over the world have NEVER been as fair as Christian governments have been to Muslims. If certain nations could be recognised by the world as solely Muslim states what’s wrong with a nation standing out as solely Christian nation? Why can’t Islam just accept and learn how to deal with that? Saudi-Arabia has been an Islamic country for ages but Christians have never tried to subvert their laws, or protest the non inclusion of Christians in governance. Why must Muslims protest against Trump? Why? Islamic teachings in this generation is the one of the big problems the world is faced with today.


An Islamic world caliphate must not be allowed to happen. In fact it cannot happen! Am not scared to say the battle line has been drawn. Many Christian political office holders are against Christianity and ChristChristians and Islamists are also against Christians. The war is more within than without. And lovers of Islam seek to financially and politically sponsor Christians against themselves. Christian political office holders against their people and more so the people against true Christian political office holders who are interested in saving them. 


Political and spiritual leaderships control the physical world. It’s my opinion that;
1. Christians must ensure only spiritual leaders who believe there is a difference between the Islamic god and the Christian Christ should be trusted. Their actions must prove their allegiance is to Christ.

2. Christians should know that only political leaders who do not take sides with any religion that is afraid to be called names in line with  certain practices and activities connected with its believers should be trusted.

3. Christian political office holders who sponsor laws that support the existence and continuation of Christian killings but silences Christian retaliation is an enemy of Christianity.

Spiritual and political leaders have drawn the battle line so, it’s our duty as the ones who decide who leads us to ensure we take them out of office once they begin to play according to the dictates of Islam. Once we begin to do this we’ll be weakening Islam as we fish-out the traitors of Christians who are Christians, thereby win the battle within. With this we will easily concentrate on how to win the battle without. Let’s stay strong.



Your spiritual mentor is someone who guides you along the line in your walk with Christ. In most cases they are what many refer to as spiritual fathers….especially one occupying one of the five folds ministry.  One basic responsibility he has is to consistently and prayerfully watch over you by paying attention to every step you take in life both spiritually and physically. Mentors are helpers. He is a spiritual father who is alert to the cry of his follower at all times. This is why true mentors get involved in almost every aspect of the life of the mentored and once the mentored cries no matter the time a true mentor will show up. I speak from experience. Once I show up in the cases of those I mentor, or am called on if am not in town that matter has to hear my voice. It’s always been so for those who have built a circle of trust with the grace and anointing on me…though their hearts need be right.
Sometimes mentors really suffer a lot, even by the hands of the mentored. Sometimes it’s intentional and at other times it’s not. What the mentored fail to realise is that their future is smh dependent on their ability to keep their mentor comfortably alert. Providing comfort for your mentor means to protect him, bless him with substance as often as you can to enable him meet pressing needs which may include taking care of and financing people oriented projects etc. Care for him, advice him in love etc. Jesus disciples did this for him….always. The women in his time were the most caring financially. They made sure He was well. They were always watching to see He never suffered shame. Yet they had their businesses, their homes, their needs. So while they saved for themselves they saved for Him too. How nice.

1 Tim 5:18 warns us not to treat lightly our mentors(in this context) and as Deut 25:4 puts it this way”…….WHEN he treadeth the corn”. Meaning while he is doing his mentoring job that benefits you don’t let him suffer. It’s for your good. 1Tim 5:17 encourages the mentored to DOUBLE bless their mentor who is doing great in his service with Double Honour.Many fail here. When you tithe you honour him and that gets to prove to God that you honour God.Note that TITHE ISN’T SEED, OFFERING, OR FIRST OF FIRST FRUITSThis is where some miss it. Once they tithe they feel they’ve sown. You haven’t. I have people who tithe to my ministry not only because I mentor and keep spiritual oversight on them by virtue of my calling and God’s anointing on my assignment, but also because we have a relationship that is not only spirit base. So they see it as a way to connect and support my mission to earth. And only one who is higher than you spiritually and separated by God to do His work, whose calling you can attest to, is qualified to receive tithe and bless you for the lesser is blessed by the greater. And I often warn that they don’t treat lightly this grace or abuse our relationship because you might hurt the one carrying the anointing and not feel remose, and if that hurt gets to the anointing it could backfire. Despising God’s grace upon an anointing that blesses you can be disastrous and there are ways people do this and not feel they are wrong…then they wonder where multiple troubles emerge.

Tithe is an instruction that leaves you with no choice than to obey. You don’t use your discretion to determine WHEN and HOW to do that. No one who is not in the office of the high priest has a right to instruct on how this should be done or managed. Once you earn give God the tithe. And as spiritual Jews (according to research that reveals DNA proves the blacks ie south-east Nigeria, some Zimbabweans, etc we are), we must be in tune to obey these principles. Do not attempt to put yourself in an office God hasn’t placed you. Respect spiritual order and don’t interfere in matters that may attract God’s anger. So when you tithe don’t stop there, go on to make taking care of your spiritual mentor who blesses your life a matter of priority if you desire to see him become better in life and more responsible and invoked in your life. Draw nigh to God and He will draw nigh to thee (Jas 4:8).                     Some mentored make their mentors weep, and weak to help them in times of trouble. Just because your mentor who loves and cares about you won’t demand from you don’t mean you treat them like inferior to the super or heavy weights. Many of those heavy weights were feather and light weights until people like you came around and appreciated them to lift them up. YOU CAN MAKE YOUR MENTOR A HEAVY WEIGHT. Present him to those who call you blessed, and in grand style baby. Let him feel proud you got his back. That’s why God placed you in his life like he did you place him in your life. Do it not because he is your spiritual mentor but also as a friend and family affiliate you want to see succeed. Even those who go to consult spiritists respect,a ppreciate and show better reverence to them than the way many Christians treat true spiritual mentors. Only the anointing you regard and appreciate takes care of you.

For over 25 yrs I’ve mentored, it’s my belief if ministry is viewed more as building a relationship with THOSE YOU CARE ABOUT, AND WHO CARE ABOUT YOU we would have the best physical and spiritual union until Christ comes.
People want miracles but find it difficult to obey simple instructions from the God of miracles. One moment they’re like ‘ am dead ready to obey God then the next moment they throw the instructions to the gallows.
Prov 13:1 warns about it this way: “A wise son heareth his father’s instruction: but a scorner heareth not rebuke”.
How often we use our natural senses to try and calculate or determine God. Wrong move folks!

Painful enough such persons try to secure the future at the expense of obedience. It does not work that way. 

* One disobedience is disobedience in all aspect when it comes to God. And one obedience does not qualify another disobedience as a correct action. You cannot save for a future while you go against the God whom alone determines that future.
In Haggai 1:1-6 the Bible talks of how the people were so concerned about their own needs as they abandoned the works in God’s house and I add they did same to his servants. If you abandon your financial and social responsibilities to take care of God’s spiritual work, your spiritual father/mentor, projects and activities of the ministry you believe in like people oriented and socio-physical events, spiritual based programs, etc then I must confess you are gon have a problem with God like those in Haggai did.

Don’t wait for the day of doom to find a solution while you can prevent it from occurring. 

* There are painful situations people, and even nations put themselves into by just ONE DISOBEDIENCE that could last a lifetime or for a very very long while. You can avoid it.

My elder brother shipped in items and fortunately it fell in January. He took one of the best 62″ Samsung Plasma Tv and a few items from the first shipment of the year and gave to me…..first of his first fruits and the Lord’s voice came to me saying “pray for him and bless him. Bless the rest of his shipment in 2017”. The first of your first fruits secures the rest of your profit making investment through the year. Don’t eat all your profit from Jan but give God via His servants…..your spiritual mentor/father all portions that He commands and He will bless you.

Am presenting these teachings at this time of the year because it’s time to put things straight as the Lord commanded me at the tail-end of Dec 2016 saying” it’s time to change direction”. 


​ I think we the servants of God need to use all platforms and outlets to speak out in support of what apostle Suleiman said. If they take one they should be ready to take all if they think they can. The dss didn’t invite the northern elders over threats of death last year, they didn’t invite Buhari when he wasn’t president and threatened to let out the baboon and the dogs. The dss is trying to use this means to curb preachers from making bold statements. Apostle Suleiman isn’t the only one calling for this publicly but because they fear the crowd he commands could buy into this, they wanna cage his guts. Let the crowd pullers speak out and the non-crowders as well. I still maintain like I have always that those who fight the church are certainly mistaken and will definitely go down in oblivion. They wanna taste the sacrosanctity of the faith we profess…..they shall also have a taste of the severe punishment of the Divine for the wrath of the almighty is moving to each of their homes to punish their unjustness and they will have to deal with that. The church must be ready for battle at all times. He who does not have a sword like the disciples had should get the cloak to the buyer and purchase him a sword. I will fight to protect my house….yep! Like Nehemiah encouraged the Jews to defend their territories and while they work with one hand they should have weapons on the other baby I say same to the church be prepared to stand your ground. The Islamists are everywhere and seeding their fellows…..we see them each day and they smile with us. We must not be ignorant of the epic battles of the last millennium and prove to the invaders of our lands who seek totalitarianism, such islamic megalomaniacs that we are no weaklings and they should believe that.



Prov 3:9…admonishes we honour the Lord with the first fruits of all our increase.
Nehemiah 10:35,37 shows how important it is to God’s people so they observe it yearly.

This subject has been somewhat controversial as some clergies believe everything received in the first month of the year is what the Bible says to be brought. Well, as far as am concerned I refuse to subscribe to that, being that Tithe and other offerings are direct instructions that must also be obeyed without fail as long as we earn. 

God in Ezek 44:30 requires us to bring the FIRST of all the firstfruits of all the blessings to his servant who would command a blessing upon us. “So what do I have to do”? is the question many have asked me as some give out everything then go through a full month in lack, pain and stress, even on to borrowing for sustenance and survival.

My counsel is for us to understand and follow the word. The first fruits speak of all you receive as first income is in your first month earnings… some earn daily, others weekly and then monthly. In today’s world we monetize almost all of our givings so to make it easy to obey God. So if I go with the popular teaching of all you earn I should say all you earn in your first month is what you should give. But again He says the FIRST of the FIRSTFRUITS. Simply put God wants the best from all you get (Num 18:12). And remember it’s different from the tithe. So after taking out the tithe which has a fixed percentage, you are left to obey the instruction (don’t wanna say law as far as today stands) on firstfruits. 
According to 2 kngs 4:42 the bread given to the people to eat was made FROM the firstfruits. It is my submission that the literal explanation of the scriptures that suggest by using the phrase “….with the first fruits of thy increase” means ‘FROM the firstfruits…’ leaving us with the discreet choice on the quality we should give. All we need to remember is THIS SHOULD;



So if you have multiple streams of income make sure to take from the first yield of each and give to God. If you prefer all of each it’s up to you. But God is rather interested in quality and obedience, and not just quantity or doing things to make you look good before everyone.


Ex 23:16,19, & 34:26 further encourages us to bring the first of the first fruits.

To simply put, calculate your monthly salary and divide it by the number of your expected monthly work days ie 20. What you arrive at is the first of your firstfruits in the first month of the year. 

I know some biblical scholars won’t like this but it’s not about what they want but what God wants so that the Holy Spirit will have a free flow in His people’s financial existence. Many Christians yet neither obey any…..whether to give all the first fruits or the first of the first fruits. They are the losers at the end. For you who give all or first of the first you stand in the same platform to be pronounced blessed by the servant of God(your spiritual mentor/oversight). So I’ve made this simple so no would say the teachers made it difficult for them to obey.
2 Chr 31:5-6 as explained by the NLT suggests the first fruits was interpreted as the tithe of all they produced. This is different from the actual tithe in Malachi which means in the first month they gave double tithe. That was the pattern they used.

May your Obedience yield great for you in Jesus name as we stay strong.

Helping Someone Succeed  Starts With Selling His Products.


Great success is about packaging. Packaging is about marketing. If you believe in a product you market it. Products are the outcome of processed raw materials through an establishment. Marketing the product helps to expand the establishment’s vision, strength and profit margin.
Humans are like organizations…..hence establishments. We have raw materials within us (gifts and talents) which when processed become products.
Am an establishment. 

Am gifted and talented.

Am anointed.

My products have been proven and profited many, meaning they’re useful. Same goes for you and many others.
What therefore can you do for someone like me since you know my worth? That thing is if you believe in my products ADVERTISE MY PRODUCT & MARKET ME VIA MY PRODUCTS. That’s how you help me improve and grow. 

Thanks and let’s stay strong.


Christians need not be surprised at this. We saw this coming….the killings by the Fulani herdsmen, the islamophobic ploy of the nation, the protection of these killers by those who should protect the unarmed, the handing of virtually all major positions in government to the north, the making of lopsided policies and that against the church, etc. I could go on and on.Since the inception of this government Nigeria has suffered countless setbacks. Every aspect of its existence is in disarray. Coming in with no objective this government tries to learn how to walk dragging a running nation to a standstill by its myopicness. Spend energy and resourceful times on attacks and blamegaming while it leaves the real things out. Having embarked on profitless travels to too many countries around the world spending government monies, this government still plundered Nigeria’s economy into recession.With all the witchy policies by the CBN government to make things better the economy still got into recession. Electricity is further dying, workers are dying, people are dying, businesses are dying, unity is dying….in fact the APC  led government is killing everything. The only thing not dying is their selfish interest.Well, all am trying to say with this post is that Nigeria is already too divided to be one. The best we can do right now is divide it properly so it doesn’t divide by a stretch….it would be disastrous. The northern pioneers are playing a cunning one and we must be smart to get the message.



If the foundation be destroyed, what can the righteous do ( Psms 11:2).

Let me try and be very succinct. From the above scripture it’s good to denote the righteous as being “people”.

When I read about Buhari always putting the blame of Nigeria’s economic decline on the previous administration I get worried and irritated. 

I wish mr president would sit down and think deeply he’ll realise he becoming president was not because he had the best ideas to drive the nation economically, but because he wanted to be president at all cost in order to return power to the north which the core north thinks is their birthright.

When I did a comprehensive research on Nigeria’s situation, I discovered that if anyone should be blamed for our economic decline IT IS THOSE WHO SEEK TO RULE THIS NATION AT ALL COST AND KEEP POWER TO THEMSELVES.

I say this without any form of biasness and unapologetically. 
The foundation of Nigeria’s problem started with the issue of amalgamation by Gen. Frederick Lugard who saw the north as being more submissive to the British empire and connived with Britain to hand over the political power to them at the time….1963.

The military since then began to thirst for power which led to Maj. Gen Aguyi Ironsi’s coup. The problem further expanded from 1966 with the emergence of Gen. Yakubu Gowon as president and would have been salvaged by Murtala Mohammed who was quickly murdered before Gen. Obasanjo stepped in. It lasted till 1979 and policies changed as the economy suffered greatly. Sharing of OIL revenues was changed drastically within that period and the eyes of people began to focus gradually on oil money. 

Then came Gen. Muhammadu Buhari in 1983. In his bid to save the economy he made things tough and worse even though it looked like things were getting better. What actually got better was the war against indiscipline. But the economy further deteriorated.

After him was Ibrahim Babangida. Nigeria’s economy suffered further setbacks with his SAP idea. He was about the oil and his pocket. He had a northern agenda which failed.

Then came Gen. Sani Abacha who further destroyed the economy as he was focused on himself just like the others.

Gen. Abdulsalami Abubakar showed up later and further destroyed the economy as he was accused of evidential looting within a short period. 

Who came next was a retired Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo. Then Jonathan and was removed via threats by an ex-mikitary  Gen. Muhammadu Buhari.

I didn’t mention Shagari or Shonekan because my concern is the military and painful enough majority of them who looted this economy and destroyed it and broughr about the economic deadness Nigeria is suffering today are from the north. I make bold to say that if a finger should be pointed at an organisation that destroyed the economy and brought woes on this country it’s the Nigeria Military and not Jonathan. 

Am writing this to correct the impression many have who blame the economic decline on the previous administration and on the south. No doubt they all had their lapses. I detested them at some point but not for a switch to an ex-military personnel. 
1. Buhari should also concentrate on probing past military looters of the nation’s treasury and submit himself to be probed as well. Only after doing this should he have enough support and guts to probe other past democratic administrations. If he cannot do this then he should;

2. Go back to the crack in the foundation, pull down the building and start restructuring. To get this restructuring right we must go back to the time before military rule which is before amalgamation to see why, if and how we can remain one Nigeria. Nigerians must  also make frantic efforts to prevent past military heads of states or military men/women from presiding over the affairs of this nation and that should begin with the current ex-military general whose system of leadership depicts the dictatorship style used by the military.

It Is Either The Koran Or The Sword – ALIYU GWARZO – Pointblank News


I believe in leadership by example and this is what the bible teaches.

By virtue of the statement the president made that Nigerians who clamour for change must first change before they ask for change, I have ample reason to dig up certain truths to remind all who care to be reminded. And to also let Nigerians know how much mr president “loves” the nation to stylishly insult the generality of Nigerians and those he and the APC manipulated to vote for him. 

Has mr president changed his way of handling and addressing national issues? Has he changed his opinion and insistence on using certain indicted politicians to run his cabinet? Has he changed from being wickedly quiet at the cries and agitations of people who are being killed, oppressed, marginalized and bedeviled? Has he changed from using violent threats and force to control or oppress those who speak against him? Has he changed from refusing to arrest or investigate people like Aliyu Gwazo and Adamu Mohammed who said in 2014 “its either the Koran or the sword” and “your land or your blood”. Obviously he hasn’t changed one bit. Yet he expects Nigerians to change in order to see change. This is because he is out of solution to Nigeria’s economic decline so he wants to make it the peoples problem and cause. Well, he’s got what he wants…to be president. And now am sure he pretends not to remember Gwazo’s and Adamu’s words because he made similar statements durring his campaigns. Obviously he no longer cares about how the people feel or what they expect because power is in his hands, and since he has the backing of violent blood-thirsty demon possessed people like Aliyi Gwazo and Adamu Mohammed who hate northern Christians and see other northern minorities as inferior to the core northern Fulanis. Now that a Fulani man is president they don’t give a damn if the Fulani’s slaughter the people who occupy other parts of Nigeria. Gosh!!! Now am made to remember 1953 and 1966 when this same north wanted to opt out of Nigeria but it was the southern leaders and the then deceptive British high commission who convinced them to remain, accepting a condition to have a Muslim military officer to be head of state from the north which led to Gen Yakubu Gowon’s emergence. That’s a continuation of the genesis of all the problems we have been faced with till date. And since oil was discovered in the south and these northern political self-centered businessmen now enjoy so much control of it, they no longer say they wanna opt out, but violently seek to quiet those who say they wanna opt out of Nigeria. What a shame. 

The Fulani herdsmen kill and we are told we should be the ones to change before we expect change.

This administration uses military style tyranny to rule and we are asked to change before we expect change.

This administration uses corrupt politicians, anti graft bodies to witch hunt political opponents. And they ask Nigerians to change id we must expect change. He preaches to us about Rom 12 meanwhile he hasn’t obeyed Matt 7:3. 

The most painful part of this drama is the silence of the southern elders and leaders who have eaten and are still eating from the table of this administration. They’ve sold their people out to slavery and do not care about their sufferings because they are so entertained by the meat and wine from this administration that evidently rules with barbarism. These all are the ones who need to change and only then do they deserve the right to ask Nigerians to change. They’ve all used deception to attain office and now they’ll either change or be changed and that will happen smh.

This is a time we have to seperate ourselves to fulfil the highest calling….to intercede. Am inviting everyone to make out time to be a part of this congress and God bless you as you come.